Building Long-Term Average Maps

This video describes how to build long term average maps on the Oklahoma Mesonet website.


First Hollow Stem Advisor

This video explains wheat's first hollow stem growth stage and how to use the First Hollow Stem Advisor on the Oklahoma Mesonet's website.


Mesonet Graphing Tool

This video goes over the basics of the Mesonet graphing tool. It explains how to build graphs that compare different sites and/or weather observations and how to make long term average graphs. It is best viewed in 1080p.

Cattle Comfort Advisor

This video explains what the Cattle Comfort Advisor is, how to use it on the Oklahoma Mesonet website, and why it's helpful to ranchers.

Monthly Rainfall Tables

This video demonstrates how to find and use the monthly rainfall tables on the Mesonet website. Like most Mesonet products, rainfall tables are updated in real-time to reflect recent rainfall data.

Temperature Inversion

This video explains temperature inversions, their significance, and how to find inversion data using Mesonet products.

Air Temperature Data

This video tutorial provides a brief introduction to current and past air temperature maps of Mesonet 1.5 meter (4.9 ft) and 9 meter (29.5 ft) air temperature data.

Hourly Forecast Explained

This video reviews the hourly forecast chart available on the website. It goes over the chart in detail and explains wind barbs and forecasted precipitation types and amounts.

Understanding Hourly Forecast

This video introduces the NWS hourly forecast chart available on the website. Basic chart headings and forecast elements are covered.


Forecasts on

This video reviews the forecasts available on the website and how to link to additional forecasts for Oklahoma and the US. You'll also learn what the different types of forecasts offer in forecast details.


Using radar on

This video shows how to select and control the radar displayed on the website. The video includes: how to zoom in and out, radar animation control and what the radar intensity color scale means.


How to select a site on

This video covers the different ways to change Mesonet sites and the Mesonet weather data displayed. You'll also learn how to access Mesonet site information and view the panorama picture for each Mesonet tower location.