Current Observations CSV

The current observations CSV file is a comma separated list of the most recent observations for each Mesonet station. Missing data, whether due to data or communications problem, are denoted by a space.  Observations update every 5 minutes.



Name ID Unit Description
Station ID STID   Station ID
Station Name NAME   Station name is typically the nearest (either incorporated or unincorporated) town.
State ST   State postal abbreviation
Latitude LAT decimal degrees Station latitude
Longitude LON decimal degrees Station longitude
Month MO CST  
Day DA CST  
Hour HR CST  
Minute MI CST  
Air Temperature TAIR Fahrenheit 5-minute averaged air temperature at 1.5m.
Dewpoint Temperature TDEW Fahrenheit 5-minute averaged dewpoint temperature at 1.5m.
Relative Humidity RELH percent 5-minute averaged relative humidity at 1.5m.
Wind Chill CHIL Fahrenheit 5-minute averaged wind chill at 1.5m.
Heat Index HEAT Fahrenheit 5-minute averaged heat index at 1.5m.
Wind Direction WDIR cardinal direction 5-minute averaged wind direction at 10m.
Wind Speed WSPD miles per hour 5-minute averaged wind speed at 10m.
Maximum Wind Speed WMAX miles per hour Maximum 3-second wind speed sample over 5-minute period at 10m.
Air Pressure PRES millibars Station atmospheric pressure.
Maximum Air Temperature TMAX Fahrenheit Maximum air temperature for the day (local time).
Minimum Air Temperature TMIN Fahrenheit Minimum air temperature for the day (local time).
Precipitation RAIN inches Total precipitation accumulation for the day (local time).  Only displays values greater than 0 (i.e. zero is denoted by a space).