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Scavenger Hunt #1
While checking his rain gauge, Mike the Meteorologist slipped on the wet sidewalk and bumped his head. Now he is having trouble remembering a lot of basic weather information. He is supposed to go to work later today to forecast the weather. Can you help Mike get his memory back by answering the following weather questions?

1) If you want to find the local forecast for the town you live in, where can you look?

2) In the United States, we measure temperature in degrees Fahrenheit while most of the world use the Celsius scale. Who devised the Celsius scale and in what year?
3) Can you help Mike remember the four basic cloud categories observed in our atmosphere? What are they?
4) A cumulonimbus cloud is a high, mid, or low level cloud?   
5) What causes most flash floods?
6) Mike needs to know if there are any tornado watches out. Check the map and let him know if there are any and, if so, where they are.
7) What does a tornado watch mean? What does a tornado warning mean?
8) According to the Glossary of Meteorology, what is the official definition of a tornado?
9) The F-scale was originally developed by whom? How fast are the winds in an EF4 tornado according to the EF scale?
10) If you do not have a basement, where should you seek shelter if there is a tornado warning?
11) The NOAA Weather Radio is known as the “______ of NOAA’s National Weather Service”. How often does it broadcast official Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts, and other hazard information?
12) A Doppler radar can detect areas of precipitation (such as rain and hail) along with what type of motion?
13) Mike seems to remember a type of radar called a SMART-R, but can’t remember what those letters stand for, can you help?
14) Weather balloons carry a device called a radiosonde in order to measure pressure, temperature, and relative humidity. What do meteorologists use the data for?
15) Mike knows he saw some weather coloring books online. Can you help him find the title for the one numbered 95-02?
Wow, thanks for all your help. Mike the Meteorologist is feeling much better and remembering more and more weather facts. Is there any other weather information that you saw on the web today that you think Mike should know about? Rumor has it that Heidi the Hydrologist wants to challenge Mike to a Weather Knowledge Competition. Who will win?

The goal here is to read for information, not skim to find the answers quickly. At the end of your search, write two questions of your own. See if a neighboring group knows the answer without re-searching through the web. The answers to your questions must be included on the links provided below and not on any additional web pages.

Send your scavenger hunt questions to, include your name, school, city, state, and grade.