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In 2006 and 2007, the Oklahoma Climatological Survey (OCS) collaborated with The Oklahoman's Newspapers in Education program which provides newspapers for use in the classroom at no cost to schools. Partnering agencies like OCS provide educational content articles on a specific topic for publication in the newspaper. Four articles make up what is called an in-paper series. The articles contain factual information and a collection of questions which can be used by teachers during class.

Typically, in the Thursday and Friday additions of The Oklahoman an advertisement called "Hey, Teachers!" is published to announce the upcoming series (example from our series). The ad will describe the series to be featured in the following Tuesday-Friday papers. Classrooms will receive 25 copies of the newspapers each day featuring the in-paper articles. Generally, a poster or wrap will be included with the first bundle of papers. 

Weather Wise April 2-5, 2007

A Century of Oklahoma Weather | download the PDF

As we celebrate Oklahoma's Centennial, let's look back at a few of the significant weather events that impacted the lives of Oklahomans We have lived through multiple tornadoes, flash floods, droughts, ice storms, and even a few "perfect" weather days. This timeline highlights just a few of the most challenging weather events.

This poster was originally printed at 11.5 in. X 21.25 in.

Spring Planting (April 2, 2007) | download the PDF

Use Soil Temperatures from the Oklahoma Mesonet to decide when to plant vegetables and crops for the highest yields.


Map of Oklahoma Soil Temperatures (Image)

Map of Oklahoma Soil Temperatures (Use with WeatherScope Software.)

Answer Key

Water Conservation (April 3, 2007) | download the PDF

Discover how much water you use to keep your grass green.


Answer Key

Wildfires (April 4, 2007) | download the PDF

Discover how relative humidity and 1-hour dead fuel moisture measurements impact the risk for wildfires.


Map of Oklahoma Relative Humidity and 1-hour Dead Fuel Moisture (Image)

Answer Key


Severe Winds (April 3, 2007) | download the PDF

Wind damage is not caused by tornadoes alone, Sometimes straight-line wind events can cause just as much destruction as a F0 or F1 tornado.


Map of Oklahoma Counties (Image)

Answer Key

Weather Wise April 25-28, 2006

Severe Weather Poster | download the PDF

Spring means tornadoes to many Oklahomans, but today we face many more weather challenges. Storms, droughts, wildfires, and even flash floods are on the "radar" for many across the state. To help Oklahoma students, teachers and even parents be better prepared, Weather Wise was developed to educate students on what to do when serious weather strikes.

This poster was originally printed at 11.5 in. X 21.25 in.

Tornadoes (April 25, 2006) | download the PDF

Discover which counties have had the most tornadoes. Get in, Get Down, Cover Up!


Map of Oklahoma Tornadoes by County 1950-2005 (Printed Image)

Map of Oklahoma Tornadoes by County 1950-2009 (Updated Version)


Heat (April 26, 2006) | download the PDF

Learn to use a Heat Index Chart to see how temperature and relative humidity can lead to heat related injuries.


Fahrenheit Tables

Heat Index and Relative Humidity (Image)

Heat Index and Dew Point Temperature (Image)


Celsius Tables

Heat Index and Relative Humidity (Image)

Heat Index and Dew Point Temperature (Image)


Map of Oklahoma Counties


Lightning (April 27, 2007) | download the PDF

Do you know how to apply the 30/30 rule correctly to stay safe during the outdoor sports and recreation? When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!


Floods (April 27, 2006) | download the PDF

Even semi trucks and SUVs are not safe from flash floods. Turn Around, Don't Drown!


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